The RECOPACK generator is the result of a perfect synthesis of our skills, developed with the construction of over 4,000 fire-tube boilers and 15,000 heat exchangers, and represents SIAT’s product of excellence, fruit of an experience in the thermotechnical field that goes back to the company’s founding in 1947 and continues to this day.

Every RECOPACK boiler is unique. Each is designed and constructed to meet the specifications and particular requirements of the plant it will be installed in, so that the boiler delivers the greatest economic benefit while reducing environmental impact. The study of the sections for passage of the heating fluid, the use of the tube expansion, and the ease of boiler inspection and maintenance result in a reliable product that offers constant efficiency over time.

The optimum versatility of the boiler means that our customers can successfully install the RECOPACK heat recovery generator in all types of plants, even where recovery conditions and the type of flue gases are most problematic (biogas engine exhausts, vegetable oil-powered engine exhausts, metallurgical furnaces, incinerators, etc.).

The heat subtracted from the flue gasses is utilised for the following applications:

• Production of hot water
• Production of superheated water
• Production of steam
• Production of superheated steam
• Heating of diathermic fluids

The design characteristics meet the following production standards:

• High volume of water
• One or more passes
• Large diameter fire tubes fastened to the tube plates by means of tube expansion without the aid of the weld bead
• Thick tube plates shaped with large radius of curvature and heat treated for normalizing.
• High exchange surface
• One or more economizers for high thermal efficiency installed in the posterior extractor hood as a single unit. It allows safe inspection and is easily accessed for maintenance; compact, conveniently transported and installed

To meet the growing demand of the cogeneration and high-efficiency cogeneration market, SIAT Italia stands out not only for its consolidated line of fire-tube recovery boilers, but also for the design and construction of water-tube heat recovery units.

The special feature of these systems, particularly suited to heating diathermic fluids, is that they offer the possibility to place several identical modules in a series to achieve the required performance. These fully removable and interchangeable modules allow safe, rapid and thorough cleaning and inspection of each circuit of the generator.

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