Brought out in 1962, the CALORPACK fire-tube boiler is emblematic of SIAT’s long experience in the design and production of industrial boilers. The Calorpack model derives from the Powermaster, the first pressurised boiler produced and sold on the Italian market, built under license from ORR & SEMBOWER (PA – USA).

The accumulated experience thanks to our many past partnerships and design projects led SIAT to adopt a large combustion chamber that would guarantee the complete flame development with any fuel and any burner. This enabled us to combine efficiency, safety and efficiency of the generator, and thereby obtain excellent results able to meet the strictest standards on atmospheric emissions and guarantee our customers consistency and correspondence to design characteristics over the long term.

The design and production features of the CALORPACK generator respond to high quality production standards, including:

• Fully jacketed combustion chamber
• High volume of water
• Three passes (one in the furnace, two in the tubes) without the use of turbulators
• Large diameter fire tubes fastened to the tube plates by means of tube expansion without the aid of the weld bead
• Thick tube plates shaped with large radius of curvature and heat treated for normalizing.
• Large surface of mirror of evaporating fluid
• Economizer for high thermal efficiency installed in the posterior extractor hood as a single protected unit. It allows safe inspection and is easily accessed for maintenance; compact, conveniently transported and installed
• Preheater of combustion air, if required.

The CALORPACK generator comes with standard equipment, including:

• Valves, fittings and accessories for control and regulation
• Level control unit, on-off or modulating
• Electrical panel with touch screen interface
• Standard supplying devices
• Combustion plant

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