FIREPACK and FIREPACKETT heaters are the fusion of our extensive experience in the design and construction of diathermic fluid boilers.

Since 1958, year the first SIAT diathermic fluid generators were produced, we have prioritised safety and thermal efficiency of the generator right from the design phase. Needless to say, the results have been excellent.

These heaters feature a coil made of carbon steel tubes, wound in several concentric spirals to obtain three passes. The pressurised combustion chamber has a high volume and allows any burner and type of fuel to be used. Each product, due to its simple and reliable design and versatility, can be constructed as a vertical or horizontal boiler to best meet the needs of the customer. This contributes to an assured and secure application in a wide range of production processes.

SIAT is also able to produce complete plants for the indirect production of steam.

FIREPACK and FIREPACKETT heaters are designed and created according to high quality production standards and mainly feature:

• High volume combustion chamber
• Three passes
• Low surface thermal load
• Low thermal inertia
• Air preheater for high thermal efficiency in a single protected unit. It allows safe inspection and easy maintenance, compact and convenient to transport and install.
• Inspection window for total accessibility and ease of maintenance.

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