The ever increasing need to respect and protect the environment during product development, paired with a determination to contribute significantly to a responsible energy management, have led SIAT to actively focus its design and construction activity on the heat recovery sector.

Thanks to SIAT’s experience and professionalism, we offer customers the solution and product best suited to satisfy the distinctive requirements of each plant of destination.

Any generator, whether flame or recovery, is designed to have a long life and allow the customer to obtain excellent performance and the highest savings. A high efficiency in combustion or the possibility to recover the heat produced during industrial processes results in a definite and quantifiable economic advantage that contributes to the preservation of the environment — the best solution for tailored savings.

SIAT knows how to make the difference when it comes to savings, efficiency and environmental impact. All products are the result of teamwork by professionals who put their passion and experience to the service of the customer.

Offering a quality product and a professional after-sales service on a continuing basis is an essential factor so that the customer can achieve sure, long-term savings.

Right from the early stages, every generator is conceived and designed with the goal of guaranteeing a constant efficiency that can be objectively verified way beyond the immediate testing and inspection phase.

SIAT generators are often the critical points in the delicate balance of a larger, more complex plant. This is why they are designed and built to ensure constant efficiency over the course of years. The user is guaranteed a certain economic advantage while fully respecting the environment!

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