Our experience in the design and construction of flame and heat recovery generators reached its apex with the production of DUPLEX, the perfect combination of RECOPACK and CALORPACK generators. The DUPLEX boiler, in fact, derives from the need to integrate the traditional flame generators with new processes of heat recovery from an integrated source.

The design features a large combustion chamber, optimised sections for the passage of heating fluid, tubes fastened to plates by means of tube expansion, and the development of flue gas paths that can be inspected. Lastly, special attention is placed on safety and ease of maintenance. The result is a reliable and versatile product that adapts to the characteristics and particular needs of each plant, where efficiency is combined with high efficiencies in every phase of construction and for the entire life of the plant.

Features of the DUPLEX model include:

Recovery section

• High volume of water
• Single pass
• Large diameter fire tubes fastened to the tube plates by means of tube expansion without the aid of the weld bead
• Thick tube plates shaped with large radius of curvature and heat treated for normalizing
• High exchange surface
• One or more economizers for high thermal efficiency installed in the posterior extractor hood as a single unit. It allows safe inspection and is easily accessed for maintenance; compact, conveniently transported and installed

Flame section

• High volume of water with large surface of mirror of evaporating fluid
• Fully jacketed combustion chamber
• Three passes (one in the furnace, two in the tubes) without the use of turbulators
• Large diameter fire tubes designed to guarantee easier maintenance
• High exchange surface, designed to guarantee a high efficiency of the whole unit
• Economizer for high thermal efficiency, installed in the extractor hood and fully integrated
• Preheater of combustion air, if required
• Thick tube plates shaped with large radius of curvature and heat treated for normalizing, integrating tubes dedicated to the RECOPACK section

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