SIAT got its start producing flame boilers and since then it has continued to invest more and more energies into the sectors of heat generation and heat recovery.

The body of the flue-gas boiler, the core of any generator, is a product essentially built using the same logic, technology and care as in the past. To date, there exist no technologies that have “revolutionised” its operation in some way. That said, SIAT knows how to make its products special even before creating them.

Our specific, modern and highly professional design process, supported by a deeply rooted know-how, allows our company to predict and prevent many of those conditions that may lead to problems for the customer, or result in wasted time and money. In the words of the company owner, “We never take away anything, but we always add something”, an attitude that communicates the philosophy of a company that through the years has made its products and history represent an excellence in the industry.

Starting with the FIREPACK diathermic oil boilers of the 1950s and continuing with the products of the CALORPACK family of wetback fire-tube boilers, SIAT reached a maturity that allowed us to expand the range with new and innovative models.

The most recent family of heat recovery generators, RECOPACK, in the versions RECOPACK, MultiRECOPACK and DUPLEX represents SIAT’s line of excellence today, confirming our company pledge to pursue development policies oriented toward heat recovery in the effort to reduce environmental impact.

The great versatility of products allows our customers to successfully install the generators of this family in all types of plants (gas and biogas-powered combustion engines, vegetable oil-powered engines, metallurgical furnaces, incinerators, etc.) by recovering heat that, according to need, can be destined for the production of steam, superheated steam, hot or superheated water, or heating of diathermic fluids.

As always, our products are custom designed with precision and attention paid to the specific needs of our customers. A range of excellence for customers who want no surprises, no worries.

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