SIAT was founded in 1947 during a time of great opportunities and expectations, a time when the entire nation was working energetically to put behind the disastrous economic and social situation left by the Second World War. The birth and reconstruction of new urban centres and a new industrial panorama were the context in which a group of engineers joined forces to offer their experience and skill and make a solid contribution to the country’s development.

During this period, thanks to an innate passion for thermo-mechanical technology SIAT began developing a variety of equipment, including axial unit heaters, connectors, heat exchangers, water heaters, coil-type water heaters, marine-type boilers, and other products.

This wide range of ideas and products were designed to simplify and improve life.

In the early 1950s the company began designing and building on a large scale thermal equipment specifically for industrial applications. This step marked the birth of multi-tube boilers for hot water and steam, diathermic oil boilers, forerunners of the current model FIREPACK, and the first thermal recovery boilers designated for metallurgical plants.

In 1958, SIAT would build and distribute the POWERMASTER under license from Orr & Sembower (PA - USA). It was the first fully automatic, pressurised boiler, with modulating burner powered by heavy naphtha and/or methane gas, that could guarantee a high efficiency and designed in a single and compact unit.

The early 1960s brought new, improved generators and heat exchangers, which could be adapted to the broadest requirements of the industrial and non-industrial market. During these years, through a partnership with the Polytechnic University of Milan, the company brought out CALORPACK, the first SIAT wetback fire-tube boiler. The Calorpack quickly achieved results that would allow the company to stimulate and meet the demands of a national and international market by exceeding the already high standards introduced by the POWERMASTER.

Later adjustments and evolutions in the product, such as air pre-heaters and economizers, would lead to an increase in efficiencies to reach today’s over 95%.

The experience and professionalism gained over the years, combined with a continuous search for product innovation and improvement, has made SIAT one of the most historical and reliable manufacturers in Italy, a company that stands out for its expertise in consulting, design and construction of thermal equipment for industrial applications.

The RECOPACK generator, among the most recent and appreciated applications, represents the perfect synthesis of the know-how acquired from the production of over 4,000 fire-tube boilers and more than 15,000 heat exchangers.

But the excellence of SIAT does not lie solely in the quality and reliability of the products; it is concretely expressed in the attention towards customers and their needs. In fact, SIAT has a history of performing constant efforts in search of the best solution by establishing a constructive, long-term relationship with customers and working with passion, reliability and substance.

It is thanks to its history that SIAT is one of today’s leaders in the production of heat generators and heat recovery.

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